Prunus spp.



Apricot is the name of a fruit or the tree that produces this particular fruit. There are various species that belong to the genus Prunus (stone fruit). A regular apricot tree pertains to the species P. armeniaca. However, the species P. sibirica, P. mume, P. mandshurica and P. brigantina are very similar as are their fruit; they are also named apricots.

The apricot is a drupe that looks like a small peach (1.5-2.5 cm or 0.6-1.0 cm in diameter, some cultivars are larger) and its colour varies from yellow to orange, and is often a bit reddish on the side that caught the sun. Its skin can be either smooth (botanically: glabrous) or have a more velvety feel (botanically: pubescent).