The journey of sustainable citrus farming in agriculture

The journey of sustainable citrus farming in agriculture

Get to know Balbino Garre Martínez, a grower with over 35 years of experience in citrus and livestock farming. Balbino, along with his two brothers, operates "Explotación de los pardos," where agriculture isn't just a profession but a lifelong passion.

Adapting to challenges and embracing change

Balbino's agricultural journey hasn't been without obstacles. Faced with different pests, he sought alternative solutions, leading to the adoption of biological control methods. He has been actively controlling mealybugs with Citripar and Cryptobug, armoured scales with Aphytis and Rhyzobug and spider mites with Spical Ulti-Mite. These biocontrol solutions have not only proven to be successful but also reduced the reliance on chemical pesticides.

The path to environmental friendly farming

Dedicated to sustainable practices, Balbino and his team have transformed their citrus cultivation methods. These sustainable approaches not only control pests effectively but also yield healthier, higher-quality fruits while minimizing environmental impact.

The future of sustainable agriculture

Balbino's journey reflects a broader shift toward sustainable and environmentally friendly agriculture. Through innovative techniques and the embrace of biological control measures, farmers like him are shaping a more responsible agricultural industry. Balbino's experience serves as an inspiring example, showcasing how agriculture can be both eco-conscious and productive.