Veni Ferro

Common name:
NK liquid EC fertilizer based on a highly accessible single iron trace element
Use for

Use for

When to use Veni Ferro?

Many protected crops (e.g. tomato, sweet pepper, cucumber, etc.) as well open field crops (citrus, vines, table grapes, apple, pear and many more) need regular nutrition treatment with Iron. Veni Ferro is designed for all these crops.

How it works

How it works

How does Veni Ferro work?

  • Veni Ferro reduces iron release into the environment due to its high assimilation by the plant unlike many common iron chelate based products on the market which result in insufficient iron assimilation by the plants often requiring high rates of use.
  • Veni Ferro is stable enough to provide best efficacy on and in the plant due to its specific production method.
  • Veni Ferro prevents iron deficiency that causes leaf chlorosis and stunted necrotic plants with insufficient developed fruits.
  • Veni Ferro is used in protected and open field crops as well as in turf.
  • Veni Ferro achieves better results using less application rates resulting in cost reduction per crop in comparison with premium iron products.
  • Veni Ferro is effective regardless of the soil ph unlike existing iron products on the market which require a limited window of ph value to be active.
  • Veni Ferro is environmentally friendly, non-hazardous and does not cause any phytotoxicity effect.
Product specifications

Product specifications

Plastic container of 1 litre.

Directions for use

Directions for use


  • Foliar spray using every common spraying equipment
  • Drench using irrigation systems such as drip system

Application rates

Select a crop to find your application rates.

Protected crops

Rate ml 20 ml/day/ha or 140 ml/week/ha
Application details Daily application by irrigation (drench)
Crops tomato, courgette, cucumber, aubergine, sweet pepper, green beans, all types of berries, flowers

Fruit trees

Rate ml 100ml/100L water
Application details 2 foliar applications (begin flowering, during flowering)
Crops Pome fruits, stone fruits, citrus, mango


Rate ml 100 ml/100 L water
Application details 1 foliar spray when the plant reaches 5 cm of height

Soft fruit (protected)

Rate ml 20 ml/day/ha or 140 ml/week/ha
Application details Daily application by irrigation (drench)

Soft fruit (open field)

Rate ml 300ml/ha
Application details foliar applications every 2 weeks + 1 extra application in winter after harvest (600ml/ha)


Rate 1L/ha
Application details Foliar applications every 3 weeks + 1 extra application before an important event (ex. Golf tournament)

Side effects

Pesticides can have (in)direct effects on biological solutions. Find out which pesticides have side effects on this product.

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Product handling

Product handling


Koppert Biological Systems is not liable for any loss of quality if the product is stored for longer than recommended and/or under incorrect conditions.

Storage instructions:

Keep the product in its original container out of children’s reach and away from foodstuffs, in a dark cool well ventilated area between 1 and 5°C. Do not freeze. Keep the product away from heat, sparks, flames and hot surfaces. When stored above 5°C, hydrogen production may occur in the bottle, followed by evaporation through the safety closure. In case of excess pressure (hydrogen fails to escape and the bottle is inflated), open the bottle carefully and keep away from sparks and other sources of ignition.


P101 If medical advice is needed, have product container or label at hand.
P102 Keep out of reach of children.
P280 Wear protective gloves/protective clothing/eye protection/face protection.
P302+P352 If on skin: Wash with plenty of soap and water.
P305+P351+P338 If in eyes: Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses and continue rinsing.

"The general conditions of Koppert (Koppert B.V. and/or of its affiliated companies) apply. Only use products that are permitted in your country/state and crop. Always comply with the conditions specified in local product registrations. Koppert cannot be held liable for unauthorized use. Koppert is not liable for any loss of quality if the product is stored for longer than recommended and/or under incorrect conditions."

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